Billboard— Times Square Billboard
Here’s how it works.

It’s very easy! You pick the day you’d like your photo to be featured, you upload your pic from your phone’s camera roll, you pay $150 and you’ll see your photo featured every hour for 15 seconds throughout the day!


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  • $150 gets your photo up on our billboard for 15 seconds every hour throughout the day you choose
  • You will get an email confirmation with the time slot to go see your picture at least one day before display date
  • You can see your pic in person by going to the billboard in person or by using our live stream
  • Your picture will be framed by the explosive WELCOME TO TIMES SQUARE branding!

Book the Billboard 12 Times

Receive 12 booking codes for only $1,200. Each code will allow you to book 12 photos and/or video that will repeat 15 seconds per hour for 24 hours. (TOTAL SAVINGS $600)

* Codes expire within 1 year from purchasing date

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Watch our billboard’s live stream.

Our billboard is 55 x 31 ft and it is located at 1560 Broadway (between 46th and 47th Street), right above the Pelé store.